Back to reality

I never knew Presidents Day weekend could be so much fun before. I’ve never thought much about the holiday except that I get a free day off from work (hal-le-lu-jah) and that I need to think of something to occupy Caden’s time while he’s out of school. Not this weekend! The past four days were all about free time for me, a weekend of “Take Care of Angie” provided by The Guy.


 It all started with these. Yep, I kinda liked ’em. You should see these suckers now – they are HUGE!

It continued on with The Guy framing two photos of Caden I was looking to get behind glass (he owns a frame shop).




Dang straight, that’s my muscle-bound 7 year old (he was so proud of this picture).

my-baby-blue.jpgAnd I ended up getting something I have wanted for a long time, that I thought about getting myself for Christmas but apparently Santa forgot to bring me in his bag o’ tricks. How much do I love my Baby Blue? You have no idea…

I really, really didn’t want my weekend of pampering to end. I had somebody taking me to lunch and dinner, driving me around, taking me shopping, watching movies, enjoying a sunny weekend with; I was S-P-O-I-L-E-D. And now it’s back to reality. Shoot.



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