Like the Energizer Bunny, the love keeps going and going…

Skipped the whole Valentines Day post because my love fest continues on through the weekend. In fact, I should say that my Valentines celebration started a day early. You might have noticed I published a post about guys kind of being clueless, needing to be “trained” if you will, and this was all due to the fact that The Guy had not set up any plans for us for V-day. Being the notorious bachelor that he is, I was convinced he was oblivious to what month we were in, what day it was, why it was important to kind of plan something out. So I was greatly frustrated. And he knew it.

Wednesday afternoon I was working from home and at 5 p.m. I get a text message from The Guy asking “Are you at home?” Yep, I was. “Go out to your front porch. I am there.” What??? I headed down the stairs, opened up the door, and found (much to my amazement and delight) a HUGE box from ProFlowers. I was shocked. I was convinced The Guy was an idiot in matters of holiday celebrations. I opened up the box and found a beautiful vase with 30 tulips (pink, red, white) just overflowing. Immediately I received a text from him saying, “Did I know what this week was? Did I? LOL”

He officially redeemed himself. 🙂

I’m not going to share all that I did for him yesterday but I thought I would at least share this one small thing I gave him and what I wrote (he was quite touched). When I first met The Guy, he told me how much he loved to fly and that he was working on getting his pilot’s license. He hasn’t been able to do it much over the past year or so and I know he misses it greatly. I found this little airplane ornament and included this bitty sentiment:


One of the first things I knew about you was that you loved to fly. And it impressed me a lot. Mainly because flying is such an expression of FREEDOM coupled with the courage to defy GRAVITY. Don’t give up on the things you love and never let gravity bring you down.

And like I said, my love fest just continues. He has activities planned for tonight, tomorrow, Sunday, Monday…I am officially impressed. A bit overwhelming but in a completely enjoyable way. 😉


One comment

  1. April · February 16, 2008

    We have to go out after your love fest is over. I’d like to meet this prince charming of yours-he sounds like a keeper!

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