Paper Valentine Swap

Awhile back I posted about spending January working on my paper valentines for Magnolia Grace’s swap. Well, it took me a little bit longer than just January to finish them off. Mainly because I just needed to sit down at my table and work straight through instead of being interrupted by an attention-deprived son (in his mind), the urge/need/compulsion to go running, The Guy, and just regular household duties. But I finally secured some time for myself – all alone – to just work on these puppies.

The swap consisted of 5 people in a group so you would make four valentine cards to send out. They could be all the same or all different. Me being me, I had to make all of them different, experiment a little bit. I finally put to use all this scrapbook stuff that I’ve bought over the past couple of years {$$$ of items that have been sitting in boxes}. Below are the four paper valentines I churned out and sent away.


This first one I stitched the little hearts together with embroidery floss and included a few heart accoutrements on the paper.

This second one below, I kept thinking about making a pocket for a heart to go into. I played around with some pretty scalloped paper I had until I made my little pocket {with a rub-on transfer heart added}.


The third one is meant to stand up, like a banner. I just started folding, looking at paper, cut cut here and a cut cut there. You know how it goes. The middle circle is a rub-on and the heart in the middle pops a bit {I really sort of like it}.


This last one is somewhat of a pop-up card. I looooooove ribbon so I had to figure out a way to add ribbon to one of these cards. So this card is tied up with a pretty ribbon…


And the inside went something like this {I actually could have used Caden at this point to hold the card so the heart popped out a bit more like it should – ah well}. In case you hadn’t noticed, more rub-on transfers because I figured, “If I got ’em, use ’em.”


I hope Lana, Melissa, Adrianne, and Amanda enjoy the cards!


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