It’s a pretty good day

Lately I’ve been listening a lot to Luce and enjoying his somewhat-folksy rock sound. Something about his songs just make me smile and put me in a good mood. One of my favorites is “Good Day”. Just try not dancing around when you hear it play.

I really took notice of the fact that I am having so many “pretty good days” in the past few weeks. In part because of a new relationship, in part because work seems to be sailing along and not getting the way of my life (whatever that means), my family is healthy/happy and there is just so much to thankful for. Of course, I should say that I did have a few occurrences in the past 3 days that made my eyes open just a little wider:

1) Some idiot nearly caused a terrible accident on my way to work Thursday. He cut RIGHT in front of me with maybe just inches to spare at 70 mph because he realized he needed to get off his exit RIGHT NOW. All I can say is that I am glad I was at least paying a little bit attention so that I could slam on my brakes and not just run crazy fast into the back of his punk butt. Crisis #1 averted.

2) For three days in a row I had an awful, twistingly painful and utterly unenjoyable stiff neck. I was sure it was just sore muscles from volleyball or working out or sleeping funny but it kept getting progressively worse up through Thursday night. I couldn’t turn my head, touch my chin to my chest, and terrible migraines started to happen every single day. I will not joke about what I thought it could be but thanks to a night of rest provided by The Guy (which included an Icy Hot rubdown – Mom, don’t freak out, I’m talking neck massage and nada mas) I felt 150% better by Friday.

3) I almost got run over Saturday while out and about doing my jaunty 8 mile run. I was nearing home, enjoying the crystal blue sky with pink clouds (I was running around 5 p.m. – soooo beautiful last night!) and I saw out of the corner of my eye an SUV starting to exit a church parking lot I was about to cross in front of. I slowed just a bit to see if they were going to pull out, they didn’t, so I took it as a sign to go ahead and move past them. As I crossed right in front of their car, I noticed it wasn’t stopping and in fact could hear the gas being revved into the engine. I turned my head and saw the bumper headed straight for my hip. I took two giant leaps forward and twisted out of the way as the SUV finally realized I was there and slammed on its brakes. Needless to say my heart was pumping very fast and I was just glad I didn’t twist my ankle jumping out of the way. When I looked back into the car, the wife was smacking her husband and looking at me and mouthing, “We’re so sorry!” I just smiled and waved, shook my head and took off.

4) Coming home from church today, I was almost T-boned by a car going way too fast in a residential zone. There is a large roundabout right by my house and as I was coming around it, a car coming from the opposite direction decided to try and beat me instead of wait for me to exit where I needed to. Or they just possibly weren’t paying attention. As I watched the car approach the entrance to the roundabout, I realized he was NOT stopping and if I didn’t, he would hit my car full force. So I slammed on my brakes, the driver sped through, and I just sat there shaking my head and wondering, “Sheesh, is my number up or something??”

Thankfully, no. I am here and not all fazed by the craziness of what sometimes happens to us day to day. There are times we get so wrapped up in “matters of consequence” that mean absolutely nothing in the long term aspect of life. I could decide to be mad, shout obscenities, not leave my house for days because too many things have proven that yes, things can and do change in an instant. I can not control how these events intersected with my life for a moment, but I can control how I react to them. And life is just too good.


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