A mini treat with big taste

If there is one thing I am trying to expose my finicky son to, it’s the finer things in life. Like sugar. Sugar is a necessity, it picks you up when you are feeling down, becomes a comfort during a time of depression, and just makes anything (except perhaps spaghetti – a la Buddy the Elf) taste better. The more sugar exposure I can offer my kid, the better. I don’t think kids have enough of it these days and you can see it in their drawn faces and listless bodies.

 HA! If you believed one iota of what I just stated above, please report me to the Department of Child and Welfare Services because I most certainly would be in need of some serious intervention. “This is what we call the Food Pyramid…”

This is not meant to be some diatribe on the evils of sugar and it’s pervasiveness within our culture. No. I was just thinking about some really pretty sugar Caden and I had the other day when I discovered Mini Cupcakes in downtown SLC.

I just happened to be driving down 800 South after picking up what is possibly the best Philly Cheesesteak sandwich in Utah at Moochie’s (if you have never been there, curse your sad, sorry state) when on the south side of the road at about 14 East, I saw a little store with a sign “Mini Cupcakes”. Cupcakes? I LOVE cupcakes! Those familiar with Magnolias in NYC will know what I’m talking about. I flipped a quick U-turn and headed inside with Caden to view these tiny creations. WOW. I wish I had a picture of one of my favorites, the Breakfast at Tiffany’s cupcake with the perfect blue icing and incredible silver decorations dotting it’s creamy goodness. I bought half a dozen and Caden and I proceeded to enjoy these little delights for the next couple of days. Even though they are mini, they are mighty – mighty rich so I could barely eat just one! But if you are looking for a unique treat, head over there to snag The Diva or Black n White. And grab me one too. 🙂



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