Not just a satisfying crunch

Fritos advertising clip rack

Ah, the corn chip. If it were not for little bags of these golden goodies some kids might starve. Admittedly, I have never spent much time considering the mighty Frito with its salty appeal and curvy contour. But I happened to catch a story about the birth of the Frito on NPR a little while ago and something about excessively snowpacked roads this morning reminded me of it {why, I have absolutely no idea}.

Here’s the backstory: Charles Elmer Doolin is the visionary behind the corn chip. He saw a Mexican man making a corn chip out of masa, frying it and selling the first mini bags of fritos, “little fried things”. Doolin thought, ‘Hmmm, this could be something’ and he bought the patent.

Using his own special corn hybrid, he began to produce Fritos in mass quantities in the same assembly line system as Henry Ford was using to produce those Model T’s. But where to market such a tasty treat as fried corn? How about a new amusement park opening in California called Disneyland? In 1955 he opened Casa de Frito in the Happiest Place on Earth and Fritos became history.

What’s interesting is that Doolin and his family rarely ate the corn chips; they were vegetarians and barely touched salt. But that didn’t stop Mrs. Doolin from creating all sorts of recipes like Frito pie or Frito jets {fritos dipped in chocolate}.

I bet you didn’t know Fritos could have so many uses beyond just satisfying a salty craving, now did ya? If you want to read more {I find the origin of certain cultural or iconic items fascinating} you can read the the story here. But if you’d like to pay homage to the Frito, I suggest grabbing a mighty bag with some tasty dip for the upcoming Super Bowl Sunday – the largest snack day of the year.

Add crushed Fritos to melted chocolate, drop by spoonfuls on waxed paper, chill and serve.

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