One, two, tree

linocut.jpgLast night I had my cute Activity Days girls over for one of our bi-monthly activities. I had been craving to do something creative this month so I had them create a fun family tree (this way it satisfied one of their yearly goals and my artistic craving simultaneously!).

I went to Utrecht Art Supplies in Sugarhouse to pick up a 9×12 piece of linoleum to cut/carve the trunk of the tree. My undergrad was focused on Fine Arts and I loved the printmaking classes I took. Linocut is one type of printmaking that is so easy to do. You can read more about how to create a linocut here.

After I had the tree trunk carved out and ready to go, I had each girl make unique leaves out of foam and mount them on little styrofoam square blocks. Once mounted, they took their leaf and inked it up on a kelly green stamp pad and proceeded to pepper their trees with leaves. Little side note: make sure that the ink pad you choose is WASHABLE. I thought the ink I picked was water soluble – until two of the girls decided to have a stamp fight and the ink would just NOT come off of their hands. “Great, your mothers are going to kill me!” I exclaimed. “No they’re not, we get dirty all the time” said the little dev-darlings.

Anyway, I need to take a better picture of a finished product. I drew the lines for their geneology in the shape of tree branches and they turned out pretty cute. Even if they never look at this again, I had a fun time making it!




(and p.s. – Caden was my photographer so thus the short vantage points)

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