It’s so nice to meet – let’s just get on with it!

It’s no secret that dating (especially after you’ve been married before) is no bowl of punch. Dating, in general, can be a royal pain in the a** that most days I just don’t want to deal with. I can understand why certain cultures find value in arranged marriages; don’t let them think about it too long because surely they’ll talk themselves out of commitment!

I bring up dating because I am currently dating someone – a someone that I really like and that really likes me. It’s fun to be past of the point of trying to find “dates” and know that I’m “dating” because frankly, it’s exhausting having the same First Date Conversation over and over again:

Me: Hi, how are you? It’s so nice to meet you.

PLTRG (potential long-term relationship guy) [awkwardly]: Um, yes, hi, it’s great to meet you too. So, [long pause], what do you do?

Me: I work at a large technology company as a communications manager for HR.

PLTRG: Wow – so what does that mean essentially?

Me: I’m a writer. I do things with words on a daily basis.

PLTRG: Cool, cool…sounds good.

Me: So, how about you? What fills up your daily calendar?

PLTRG: I work as a consultant for a marketing company. It’s a great job, too, as I can make my own hours, travel around the globe – basically live free and easy!

Me: Fantastic – sounds like fun.

PLTRG: I hear you’re divorced…?

Me: Yep, have been for 8 years. You ever been married?

PLTRG: No, can’t say that I have but I’ve been in enough serious relationships to feel like I’ve been married, let me tell you.

Me: Hmmm, really…how about all this snow?

And that about wraps up the three main components of dating chit chat: Career, Past Relationships, and the Weather. Ta da.

I like to get to the nitty gritty of conversation, the hopes and dreams and expectations that nobody wants to talk about at first because you run the risk of freaking your date out. Deep, meaningful conversation that doesn’t center on fluff – yep, that’s where it’s at. My problem is that once I get talking I often don’t want to stop! And the interesting thing is that The Guy I’m dating doesn’t want to stop talking either (a refreshing change from past boys). Due to all this excessive yammering, I find myself incredibly sleep deprived over the past couple of weeks. But ask me how much I want to give up two to three hour conversations on the phone each night.  😉

{why I am sharing this, I’m not sure…maybe because it’s very late at night and I just got off of the phone and now my mind is reeling with activity which precludes me from sleep; that could be it}



  1. whitney · February 4, 2008

    Hi Ang, love your blog – you are too funny and way to smart, stop making the rest of us look bad!

  2. angelbrew · February 5, 2008

    Oh, please – you’re too kind! 🙂 I’ve been enjoying your creativity (holy cow you are one crafty/creative woman) on your blog for awhile and have meant to say Hi way before now.

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