The twin towers on our team

Last night Katie and I played our first game with our new volleyball team, the Block Busters (I coined the team name). Some may remember from previous posts the frustration I had over the team I was on – the lack of competitiveness, lack of skill, excessive amount of what I not-so-affectionately call cement-footedness. And as a highly competitive person, this irked me to some degree. Shortly after the season ended, I was contacted about joining a new team because frankly, I wasn’t the only one frustrated with team shortfalls. I told them I would join the team only if my sister could play too, because I knew Katie had been wanting to get on a team to have that “extracurricular” activity we all crave so much.

After last night’s game (which we won), our other teammates were definitely excited to have us on board and we were rocking and rolling. It took a few plays to really feel each other out but once we did, we had a great time. The only drawback was the fact that our game didn’t start until 10:00 p.m.! And due to a player getting injured (an unfortunate collision under the net), a time out for the ref (she parked her car in a timed area – why, lady? why?????), we didn’t get finished until 11 p.m. That is late to be playing volleyball, especially when 1/2 your team is over 40 (but they held up pretty well).

Today for the first time after a game, my arm and shoulder were sore from swinging at sets. That folks, is a great feeling. I can’t wait for next weeks game!


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