There’s a bathroom on the rise

Have you ever listened to lyrics and thought you heard the words one way and then realized several years later that you’ve been singing the wrong thing the entire time? I have. And most assuredly when you sing those wrong words it’s usually in the company of quite a few people who find it necessary to mock you because you’re an idiot. I’d like to think it’s just that some of us are a wee bit more imaginative…or that we possibly need hearing tests. No, no…I’m going with imaginative.

I heard a song last night on the radio and started singing with it as I have done for years.

“All I wanna see Kay in the U.S.A., all I wanna see Kay in the U.S.A.” Admittedly, I never understood these lyrics, just thought that John Cougar Mellancamp was taking creative liberties with his word choice. He must have dated a model named Kay, I guess. At the end of the song, the DJ came on and said, “That was R.O.C.K. in the USA by John Cougar Mellancamp…” What? That was what he was singing?!? Hmmm, good to know this now.

Another song that I know I am not alone in being screwed up on the lyrics is Creedance Clearwater Revival’s Bad Moon on the Rise. For years, YEARS, I was sure he was singing about traveling and seeing a “bathroom on the rise”. Yay, pitstop for him.

There are more songs that I have messed the lyrics up but one of the funniest incidences of someone thinking a song said one thing when it really said another is from my sweet sis, Katie. We tease Katie a bit but only because she just has very interesting observations and comments to make from time to time. 😉 I just remember sitting around the dinner table one night, talking about songs we all loved to listen to and Katie says, “Yeah, I like that Elton John song, that one that goes ‘Hold me close and tie me down, sir.'” We all paused for about, oh, half a second before busting out in hysterical laughter. “It’s not hold me close and tie me down, sir; it’s hold me closer tiny dancer!!”

Sorry, Elton. But I actually think he’d like Katie’s lyrics better…



  1. jkotulski · January 23, 2008

    I thought it was “hold me closer Tony Danza.”

    I remember this phenomenon you are talking especially growing up in church and singing alot of strange revival songs.

  2. Ben · January 23, 2008

    Or “I’ve got a chicken to ride”

    more here

  3. angelbrew · January 23, 2008

    Tony Danza? Wow, that takes on a whole new meaning there as well!
    And thanks, Ben, for the link to other commonly misunderstood lyrics. Glad to know that there are lots of us out there who “interpret” lyrics in our own special way. 🙂

  4. ginny · January 23, 2008

    How about “Michael rolled the bone ashore” instead of “Michael rowed the boat ashore”

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