Excessive much?

Everything is excess. There. I said it and I meant it. Nobody lives just on the barest of minimums or (snort) “within their means” anymore, right? 🙂 I just bring excess up because I didn’t know what to do with it when I experienced it at lunch today.

The building where I work is a large monster that could house roughly 1500 people comfortably with room to spare (also included – a nice weight room with aerobic studio and a non-working cafeteria). This lovely monstrosity currently only houses on average between 150-200 people a day…because everybody else has left (actually, it was never at capacity to begin with). Anyhoo, when I first started working there out in the frozen tundra, it sat pushed back on a corner by a semi-busy highway with absolutely nothing else around it. Deserted fields for miles around littered the landscape. We had to bring snowshoes to trek into work, uphill both ways. And sometimes if the light hit just right in the afternoon, you could see civilization gleaming from a far off distance. Oh wait. That was the prison. We also knew that if you didn’t bring your lunch to work, you had to travel 150 miles (well, okay, more like 5 but I’m painting a picture here) to find the nearest Wendy’s.

But today? Today my friends, civilization has finally crept upon us! We can look out the window and see WalMart growing (a tear just escaped my eye), a credit union, a new bank, Wingers, Chilis, The Training Table, Wendy’s (no more 150 mile drives), Subway, one of those cellphone stores, Great Clips (trims at lunch – bueno), Bajio, some tax place, and of course the ever omnipresent Starbucks (cue choir). And with all the competing businesses right at our very fingertips, they come in regularly with promotions to wheedle our money away from our outstretched hands.

Today, I trekked on over to Subway with my good friend Ryan as he had been given a stack (a STACK – at least six feet high!) of coupons for BOGO sandwiches (that’s buy-one-get-one free for you Payless lovers). Ryan, being the large-statured man that he is ordered two different sandwiches because of course, you’re getting one free (duh). I’m not a big eater but I had the coupon so I thought, ‘Sure, what the hey, I’ll order a footlong if 1/2 of its free’.

That was two hours ago. I am looking at my desk right now at the remnants of my Subway sandwich which is pretty much most of it. I ate just about a 1/2 of a regular six inch and I still have a whole other six inch piece staring me in the face. I feel guilty; I fell prone to the enticing call of excess. ‘But it was free!’ I try to rationalize. Yet the sandwich mocks me with it’s sadly, uneaten state. “How can you let me go to waste with my veggies, and toastiness, and awesome honey oat sweetness? Poor starving kids in Africa would love to eat this and yet you just sit there and let me dry up to crumbs, completely inedible and forsaken.” Shut up, stupid sandwich.


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