Je n’aime pas

The snowy flakiness is filling the air and it hasn’t stopped snowing since somewhere around past-the-midnight-conversation-I-had-last-night. I decided (being the stalwart and adventuresome soul that I am) to kick it out the door early to try and attempt getting into my office even though I knew it would be a somewhat impossible feat. Oui, il est no fait accompli. I managed to drop Caden off at my parents after driving 1 hour and 15 minutes to go 14 miles and thought, ‘Surely the worst is over; it can’t be that bad going into Salt Lake.’ Famous last words.

 After taking nearly 45 minutes to go from North Salt Lake to 400 South in Bountiful (roughly 6 miles), I quit. I turned off the exit and headed back home because at least I do have some freedom and flexibility to work from home when the snow piles up. Which it is wont to do so much in the past few weeks. By the time I got home I had spent almost 2 1/2 hours in my car which is something that I really don’t love. I spend enough time in my car as it is on a weekly basis and just adding to the mix is not something to celebrate.

Considering my time consuming commute this morning, I thought of a few other things je n’aime pas:

  1. Je n’aime pas gas guzzling – goodbye full tank that I saw this morning that I hoped would take me at least through Wednesday evening
  2. Je n’aime pas icy windshield wipers
  3. Je n’aime pas January icy coldness
  4. Je n’aime pas the clogged sink because I seem to molt everytime I dry my hair
  5. Je n’aime pas little boy fingerprints that never seem to come off of walls
  6. Je n’aime pas taking the garbage out (one reason why I think marriage is a popular solution)
  7. Je n’aime pas bread that goes stale too fast
  8. Je n’aime pas losing one of my favorite earrings 😦
  9. Je n’aime pas distance between PBF (you’ll have to figure that one out on your own)


  1. allisten · January 21, 2008

    …”Pretty Boy Frederick”? I don’t know. You need to drop more clues, Ang. Guess what? I joined your droid army of bloggers and I feel that should earn me a spot on your “people to know” column. Or whatever you call it.

  2. angelbrew · January 21, 2008

    Yes! I converted another one of you in the ranks of ill-begotten non-bloggers. Give me your link so I can add it to my list, missy.

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