Gourmet Club kicks off with brunch

A couple of months ago, a girl in my church decided to start a Gourmet Club so that we could get to know each other better – seeing as how we live in a newly developed area and with so many people moving in at once, it’s hard to remember names. About 50 ladies signed up for the club and essentially this is how it works:

  • 4-5 women were grouped together and given a month
  • during your month, your group is responsible for putting together a “gourmet” meal
  • the rest of us show up hungry and ready to eat
  • recipes are shared and we build relationships

This morning the January group decided to go with a brunch theme so we gathered all together at our clubhouse for some good eats. Part of kicking off each meal is having each woman involved talk about which dishes she made, the ingredients, and where the recipe came from (special cookbook or family legacy). Today we feasted on a variety of quiches which were fantastic! I sampled a couple of them and I was impressed with their efforts – spinach/mushroom/some-fancy-cheese-I-can’t-remember quiche, ham/grilled roma tomato/cheesy quiche, a lovely fruit salad (found in the Lion House cookbook), a couple of different kinds of orange rolls (sooooo good), gourmet cocoa (you could pick a special flavor – caramel, mint truffle, cherry chocolate), and glass pitchers full of beautiful ice water. I say beautiful because the women had put pomegranate seeds at the  bottom of each pitcher and orange slices were floating on top; it was so pretty! I’m going to have to use that.

One of girls from our group took pictures and is going to start a Gourmet Club blog so we can keep track of recipes and view pics from all of our fun dinners/brunches. As soon as I get the link I will post it here so you can all check it out. If you are in need of a little girl time with great food, I recommend starting one of these in your area. I can’t wait for next month!


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