And she smiled

“I’ve been traveling so much my ipod has become my best friend,” he sighed.

“I know, you’ve been traipsing around the country quite a bit. But at least you have something to listen to,” she reassured.

“Yeah…plus, I can always listen to the song that reminds me of you,” he admits.

“Wait, there’s a song that reminds you of me? Which one?” she queries.

“Um, I can’t tell you. At least not yet. I know, it’s silly and junior high-ish but…it’s kind of got a deep meaning and I’m afraid that being the smart girl you are, you’ll figure it out.”

She debates pushing this more, flattered and yet very curious to know what lyrics have such a strong meaning for him. It’s in her nature to just want to know, to not wait with patient anticipation but to surge ahead and ask for it all to be laid out on the table. She hates the waiting game.

“Just know that when I hear the song,” he continues, “it puts me at ease and makes me think about the kind of person you are and just how happy I am to know that I know you.”

“Aw, that’s so sweet,” she replies. And she smiled.



  1. Wendy from Blue Lily · January 20, 2008

    What a great entry! Takes me back to my dating days, I never thought I’d be nostalgic about that… 🙂

    Love your blog.

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