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That is the only word I can think of as I look at my company’s stock today. Actually, not true. I can think of a myriad of choice words that would better describe my true feelings rather than my sarcastic and monotone “Sweet”.

The past couple of months saw my company’s stock climb and climb (whoohoo!) and I saw my options actually gain quite a bit becoming a nice tidy sum of potential cash. I debated on the 28th of December whether or not to cash out what options I had vested because 1) this was the $ I planned on using to go to Tokyo and 2) it was also what I planned on using to pay for my Christmas trip and gifts. But no, I waited because I thought with such a good thing going it will climb just a little bit higher. Shortly after the new year started, stock dipped just a bit but went up slightly. I thought again, Hmmm, should I sell? No, it was just a slight drop and it nearly recovered, so I will wait. Then on what I will deem as Manic Monday, it started to tank. It has dropped almost 40% since the 28th. So those pretty options I had that were actually worth a nice chunk of change? Zero, baby. They are worth nada, nil. And that’s why I have to channel my frustration and anxiety over lost funds into one word:



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