“Dress me!” shouted the wall

Maybe it’s early Spring Fever but I’ve been looking at my walls and wanting to do something new and creative. I painted my living room a year ago and it was tortuous (think 14 foot high walls and ceiling) not to mention dangerous (good thing I’m not afraid of heights). But in a few other areas of my house, I need to dress it up a little bit – I’m just not sure I want to paint.

Today I discovered oneupdesigns on Etsy and I fell in love. I’ve been an admirer of the vinyl decor that has started to populate the walls of many homes (Caden has a few sports items in his room) but I’ve never seen such unique and inviting designs as this.

Opulent wall graphic

Okay, so this involves a painted wall but I love the simplicity and yet at the same time subtle sophistication of adding a few decals to the side of a great piece of furniture.

Early Bird wall graphic

I adore the birds and botanical design in this sweet spot, like it’s peeking from behind a brush.

Perched wall graphic

I think this one may actually be my favorite. Perched birds on a wire. I’ve got to find a place to put this! Go check out oneupdesign’s shop and placate the whimsical desire in your creative self.



  1. tongue in cheek · January 19, 2008

    How scary. I hope it rebounds? 40 percent! My that is sweet!

  2. tongue in cheek · January 19, 2008

    oh no i put my first comment in the wrong space. Oops!
    This comment is for this space 🙂

    The wall stickers I have seen in France are not this interesting, they are more concrete in form and style, rocks, sunflowers, poppies…I like the ones you have here better.

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