Come jump through mud with me

Besides the typical resolution-making that occurs in January, it is also the time of year when I take a look at the running calendar to see what races I might want to participate in. For Utahns, check out Utah Race Guide for a quick glimpse at some of the more popular races around the state. I also head to and Marathon Guide to look at a broader scope – out of state and international.

For the past couple of years, I have been wanting to go participate in the Mud Races at Camp Pendleton but the dates always conflicted with something else that I already had planned. This year I am smacking it on my calendar and I’m not letting go. What could be more challenging and thrilling than a 10K where you slosh through mud pits, do sand crawls, tire obstacles, wall climbs, and tunnel crawls (which sort of freak me out, being a claustrophobe). But still, doesn’t it sound like FUN?!? Okay, April, Joel, Matt, Natalie, Katie, Hilary, whomever – we’ve got to sign up to do this NOW because they sell out early. The dates are June 8 & 14, and then Oct 18. Pick and date and let’s go!


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