7 small surprises

There’s nothing like kicking off a new year by receiving a package on your doorstop all the way from Israel. And that’s what happened to me a little over a week ago. Like many others in the blogosphere, I have become enamored of swapping – sending little gift packages to a complete stranger usually with a specific theme involved. I posted about a swap I did here and I’ve done several others since.

This particular swap I found on swap-bot which is a site devoted solely to all different kinds of swaps. I’ve done a few small swaps on this site and they never disappoint. For the “7 Small Surprises” swap, we were to wrap seven small gifts separately and number them so that the recipient would open one gift a day for seven days. I can’t tell you how fun it was to be full of anticipation for every morning to see what cute gift my sender, Michal, had given me.


Michal used such darling striped paper to wrap each gift!

Gift #1: Tea and a little plate


Gift #2: A darling handmade little tree


Gift #3: Oooh! Hand cream that smells so good! (and I love the Hebrew on the box)


Gift #4: A pretty little necklace that changes colors with the mood you’re in. 🙂


Gift #5: A sweet angel (which little did Michal know that I collect angels – it’s a name thing)


Gift #6: Puzzle piece candles for a winter’s night


And finally Gift #7: A beautiful little HAMSA, a symbol of health, happiness, joy and love


I had a great time opening these little treasure on a daily basis for the past week and wish I could get a gift such as this every week of the year! Thanks again, Michal, for your thoughtfulness and sweet words with each item. 🙂


One comment

  1. mic1 · January 14, 2008

    Thank you for making me a special post in your wonderful blog, I visited it but will continue later today, I am just before work…
    I am very happy you liked my little presents they were wrapped with a lot of care and love, specially after you didn’t received the first one.
    Have a nice day

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