January – the dregs of your hot cocoa

I don’t know a single person who looks forward to January. Even friends I know that have birthdays in January are not too enthused and often wish their birth month could be more inviting. But alas, poor January – the redheaded stepchild of months, the broken biscuit, the first 31 days of the year we all just groan over. It’s really all December’s fault, you know. December is exciting with pretty packages and colors, rosy cheeks and soft-mittened hands, and dressed to the nines occasions. By the time January rolls around, all the finery and hoopla is thrown back in the closet. Sad, pathetically unamusing January. Last year I was looking forward to going to the Bahamas at the end of January.

However, I am going to to try and make January a little more exciting, plan a few activities or participate in events that can dress up what normally is a pretty drab month. The following are just my random thoughts and ideas of how to make January a more exciting month:

  • Participate in the monthly Home Depot Kids Workshop – if you have kids who like to build/glue/hammer/create, take them to the big HD on the first Saturday of every month; they have a free project the kids can make and they have a ball doing it (as do many of the fathers…). Caden has built a pirate ship, a memory tray, and this past Saturday he built a Castle Bank (pic soon to be following)
  • Wednesday is Watercolor Day – no more just glancing at my lovely watercolors that have begged for me to use them since I graduated with  my BFA; by the end of the month I will have a finished picture!
  • Saturday is Skiing or Sledding – depending on my mood :).Thankfully, we’ve received a lot of snow around these parts lately so sledding is very attractive. Also, I don’t live too far from Wolf Mountain, a perfect starter mountain to take your kids skiing for the first time.
  • Invite family/friends over for a Hot Cocoa Bar/Movie Night – what could be better than lounging on the couch with yummy cocoa, buttery popcorn, and a host of great flicks to watch?
  • Go skating at the Gallivan Center (just watch out for bumps! I crashed and burned at the end of November and my bruised kneecap is just barely starting to feel better)
  • Start working on my Paper Valentines for Magnolia Grace’s swap 
  • Build a snowman and a snowman puppy
  • Get back to regularly attending my Hip Hop class at Golds Gym
  • Finish those photo books I’ve started at Photoworks
  • Tuesday evening (after Caden is in bed) – total ME time that I don’t feel I have to do laundry or straighten up or wash dishes or organize anything

I think this is a good start. Ha! What am I saying? My month sounds full already and I haven’t included the items that are already on my calendar to occur: swimming lessons, indoor soccer, volleyball, Activity Days, and dentist appointments. Simply lovely. But January, I am trying to make you more attractive so darn it, I hope you appreciate it! (at least there are only three weeks left…)


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