Baseball camp? In WINTER??

Yes, as odd as it may seem, there is baseball during the snowy season. Like many other parents, I started to wonder how I would occupy Caden’s time during his many days off from school and realized that he needed something active to keep his body and mind busy. Skiing? Yes, that’s a good option. Swimming? Not bad but every day? Baseball? Sure!

The U of U hosts a baseball camp for kids ages 7-13 up at the Field House on Guardsman Way. It’s a fantastic facility – an entire football field housed in this massive building. I had heard about the baseball camp last year when looking online for something else and this year Caden was old enough to attend.

The camp ran Th-Sat from 9-11:30 a.m. everyday. The players and coaches were excellent with the boys, teaching them new ways to throw more accurately, practice fielding hits, and a lot of time was spent on hitting. It was fun to watch them play games at the end of each day although I have to say they could have mixed up the teams a bit more. Caden’s team was primarily 7-8 year olds and the team they played against was mostly made up of 10-11 year olds. Oh well. He still had some great hits. And for the cost of the camp, $100 for the three days, it was well worth it. He’s been bugging me about when baseball starts up now (still a few months away, bub).

christmas-2007-094.jpg  christmas-2007-102.jpg


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