The best of time flies by

As always, my favorite time of year goes by too quickly. Although I have to say that I relished this year a little bit more because Thanksgiving was a little earlier there by giving more time to celebrate the Christmas season. This is also the time of year where I love BIG snowstorms that trap you at home and make the mountains and valley a beautiful white wonderland glittering with holiday decorations.

As if on cue, Mother Nature opened up and unleashed a fantastic snowstorm the night of Christmas Eve which made waking up to a sparkling and pristine white Christmas morning even better. Caden and I stayed at our house on Christmas Eve and while quiet, it was nice to just enjoy the morning together. After opening presents and having an egg, sausage, and french toast breakfast (everything Caden loves), we headed to my parents for a few hours where we exchanged our family gifts. I had made tutus for Annie and Ella just because I thought it would be fun to see them dressed up as fairy princesses. Ben and Hilary spoiled us all with gifts from Williams and Sonoma and with all the gifts under the tree by noon, it was like Santa had come again!

[rockyou id=97055061&w=426&h=319]

Ben helped Caden set up his iCoaster and Ryan helped him put together the model airplane my parents had given him. Ben took Caden outside to fly it and let’s just say that it’s going to take some practice to get used to steering it. Even with Ben at the “wheel”, the plane ended up in the tops of trees a few times (thankfully, we have a tall reach in our family).

After spending time with my family, Caden and I headed on over to Brubakers to enjoy celebrating the holiday there. Caden was thrilled to discover that his gift from Mamo and Poppa was a digital camera – waterproof too. So he has spent the last few days taking pictures of everything – seriously, EVERYTHING.

At the end of the day we were back at my parents to rest a bit and watch a movie I received in my stocking, Stardust. I love that show and I think my parents and Allison got a kick out of it, too. Now a new year is about to begin and I’ve got to start nailing down those resolutions…


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