What I Love #14 – Creativity at Christmas time

I remember the first time I saw the video of this guy’s house and how it just blew me away. ‘This guy’s an electrical genius!’ I thought to myself. What he did reminds me of how I was brought up – Christmas is the time to go all out. And I love when people get really creative and do things outside of “the norm” for the holiday season. Forget quid pro quo – shake it up a bit!

Of course, Mr. Electrical Firestorm House inspired a few others to push the limits as well.

Not quite as flashy but still gets you in the holiday spirit.

So, now I’m not sure if the top video came first or this house did (the old chicken and the egg debate) but in either case, this Frisco home uses the same music but in a completely different way (the end is insane!!).


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