What I Love #13 – Spending time with this guy


It’s amazing how much love you have the capacity to feel. This is probably best understood by those that are parents because nothing takes your breath away as much as your own child (ren). When they enter your life it’s as if everything you ever experienced before was see through eyes half shut. Now that I have a little boy I notice things more than ever that I realized you just start to take for granted after a certain age. Like the mysticism of seasons, the coolness of insects, playing make believe and becoming the biggest hero ever known to mankind. Children have the innate trait of being able to believe in anything; they don’t think things through logically – they just know.

Caden has said in response to me many times, “Mom, you just don’t get the power of my mind” when I ask What? or don’t understand fully what he’s trying to explain. So true, buddy, so true. But in having him I find myself more hopeful on so many other aspects of life that I think you become cynical about as you age. I believe in Santa Claus, I believe in giants who build castles of clouds in the sky, that your toys really do come to life when you leave the room, that everyone can be your friend if you’re nice and say hello and share your toys.

Besides the fact that he has such an innocent take on everything he experiences, I get a kick out of the strange, funny, and very observant things he says from time to time. Last night I took him to dinner at Market Street Grill and to The Nutcracker for our weekly Friday Date Night (good thing I decided to take him last night rather than today as he is sick, poor kid). As we were eating dinner, he would randomly pick up his napkin from his lap and dot the corners of his mouth, smile with a twinkle in his eye and say, “See? I can be so posture, Mom, just like grownups.” (he meant proper) Then, at the ballet when the Snow Prince is throwing the Snow Queen around in the air, he whispers to me, “Wow, Mom, look at that – I didn’t know you could have biceps on your legs!”

He’s a crackup and he’s a challenge, too, all rolled up in one perfect little boy that I enjoy so very, very much. I can’t think of anything else that I love more in this life and having him makes me a better person in more ways than I can dream. 



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