What I Love #11 – These Guys

I am truly blessed and lucky to have siblings and siblings-in-law that I love and adore and get along with so well. Not every family has the type of harmony we do and I’ve seen it firsthand. But as you get older and supposedly “wiser”, you realize that it is your family you want to spend time with, grow closer to. We all enjoy spending time with each other (when we can) and this past Sunday was no exception.

We had our annual Brewster Kids Christmas Party hosted by Ben and Hilary. Since I can remember, my parents have always hosted my Dad’s siblings at their house the Sunday before Christmas. Those of us who weren’t adults were quarantined in my parents bedroom with the TV and a Christmas movie or two. We actually never minded it that much because the food we were able to sample (after my aunts and uncle had their fill) was fantastic. And to top it all off was my mom’s Chocolate Roll patterned after Grandma Brewster’s recipe.

This past Sunday all us kids gathered for Navajo Tacos, appetizers, and our own chocolate roll courtesy of Katie (sooo good!). We also played a few games such as CatchPhrase, Guitar Hero (played on B&H’s brand new TV that is HUMONGOUS), and the traditional sharing of White Elephants. Allison definitely won for the most original and unique gift of the night – a brand new Ear Dryer. Just what every 19 yr old needs…or anybody for that matter. We ended up having so much fun we lost track of time, finishing at 10:30 p.m.

[rockyou id=96022908&w=426&h=319]


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