What I Love #9: A nose not frozen

I am sitting in my lovely cubicle at work adorned in my down-filled jacket trying to keep warm. It appears that such a small contingent of workers in an enormous building doesn’t qualify us to be deserving of a little heat. I walked onto the top floor that overlooks the southwestern end of the Salt Lake Valley and by the time I reached my desk, my fingernails were purple. My hand has become locked into a frozen grip on my mouse and I need to type often – and fast – just to loosen up the joints a bit.

What is going on here?!? I know that the numbers are dwindling as we get closer to Christmas but it’s no reason to cut the heat YET. If you were to walk down the aisle where I am situated you would see six people (in a row of 18 cubes) dressed in their wintry best. We make quite the working spectacle and I’m sure it’s purely at the amusement of the maintenance staff who like to pull jokes like only emptying your garbage can once a week, stocking the bathroom with 1/2 ply toilet paper, or keeping the restrooms at a comfortable 58 degrees so that you immediately want to leave once you step inside (try sitting on THAT toilet seat – yikes!).

In all seriousness, I started to think about how much I love being warm. My sister Katie and I freeze when the temp drops below 78 degrees. I love warm fires, fuzzy slippers, cushy robes, big puffy jackets, steaming hot baths – anything that keeps me toasty. And I realize that I am extremely blessed to have access to such items. There are many who go without the luxury of warmth and suffer miserably in cold situations. I am glad and very thankful to have socks and shoes to cover my feet, a home and cozy bed in which to rest, a coat to shield my back, and the open arms of friends and family to warm my soul.


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