What I Love #8 – Fuh-ree-bees…or just winning schtuff

I’m not talking about bees that could be free. I’m talking about frees that could be bees – wait, backup, I mean freebies. Anything that is given out free, no strings attached, no forms to fill out or too many hoops to jump through (let’s face it, many “free” things in life come at a bit of a cost, meaning time).

What can you get that is free? Candy canes from Santa Claus (but you have to wait in line), a hug, acorns, frost on your car in the morning if you don’t have a garage, high five, perfume/cologne samples at the mall, water from the drinking fountain, an ample supply of mini condiments from food joints to keep on hand forever, sunkissed cheeks…hmmm, quite a bit.

I bring up freebies because today I got a free lunch at work (whoohoo!), free bingo cards that generated a lovely Applebees gift card (it’s all about eatin’ good in the neighborhood), and a Megaplex gift card – but essentially that was a reward for a job well done last minute for a business partner in need. Gracias!

You can get a free sample of Marc Jacobs perfume Daisy here. Or you can try to earn a free Mac like my cousin did here. Just search online for “free samples” or “free merchandise” and you will be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of items you can get for “free”. But as they say, time is money. I just don’t know how much to charge…  


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