What I Love #6 – Computers that work

Actually, this isn’t something that I really love so much as need it on a daily basis. I was off cavorting around Disneyland for the past couple of days with Caden and my parents and my laptop apparently decided it needed a break too. It won’t work anymore; it refuses to even turn on which is causing me great heartburn seeing as how it is my work laptop and I have LOTS of information on it. Not to mention my iTunes library!!

Technology has become a necessary evil. I can’t imagine my life without it but when it doesn’t work or crashes, everything comes to a stand still. I’m currently typing this entry on a borrowed computer and it just doesn’t have the same feel as my own black box of hardware. But when it works, how I love what it can do for me. I can browse favorite travel sites, read other interesting blogs of friends/family/strangers, shop at all hours, and so much more. The world is open to me beyond just my front door.


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