What I Love #5 – Work it, own it, push it

I have always been a big fan of working out, never been one of those to crinkle their nose in disgust and say, “Ew, work out? I don’t want to.” This probably stems from the fact that I started playing sports when I was 5 and I was always running, climbing, competing because I grew up in a neighborhood full of boys.

My dad was also very influential in instilling a sense of discipline and desire to work out and keep your body healthy. When I was little, my brother Ben and I used to go in my parents room before we went to bed to count Dad’s pushups. He was also the one who first took me to the “adult weight room” at The Deseret Gym (sigh…a moment here for the lost gym – still my favorite place to go work out EVER!) when I was 14. He showed me all the machines and how it strengthened your different muscle groups. To this day, the DG still owns the singular title of having the absolute best abdominal workout machine I have ever come across. I’ve never seen it elsewhere and I’ve been a member of a variety of gyms since the DG days.

Today I had my first full workout since I came down with what I think was the flu last week. Here’s what sucks about having the flu: you are so weakened physically it takes awhile to get back to where you normally are. I pushed it a bit today and I know I’m going to be feeling it tomorrow (what am I saying? I’m feeling it NOW). But it’s something I love to do and I know it will keep me healthy and strong when I am that 60 something silver-haired fox competing in marathons and kicking trash. 🙂


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