Sick and tired of being sick and tired


I am currently on Day 5 of the Sickness-That-Is-Bugging-The-BeJesus-Out-Of-Me and I want to be over it – desperately. First off, because I would like to go back to having sleepless nights where Caden was the interruption because he climbed into bed and started kicking me in the back, not because this horrible cough I have wakes me up at all hours with 10 minute long spasms. Second, although I’m sure I’m quite fetching in pajamas 24/7, I’m getting antsy and wanting to go out “into the world” and explore someplace beyond my couch or bed. Third, I am getting behind on my marathon training! This is actually freaking me out a great deal and when you can’t breathe or even sit up because you’re body is wracked with pain, you aren’t exactly tuned to go run 8-10 miles. Not to mention my good running buddy is now no longer going to Tokyo with me because he fully expects to be engaged by then (and I wish him all the best). So anybody want to go to Tokyo with me?At the very least, I can say that I’ve enjoyed starting my Christmas movie watching at home with White Christmas, Holiday Inn, Home Alone, Love Actually, Elf, and Christmas Vacation. And this morning it is snowing like the Dickens (he wrote that one popular story, A Christmas Carol, so when it snows a lot people think of him…I guess…j/k) and I am cuddled up on my couch – again – drinking Stephens Candy Cane Cocoa and chewing down saltines. It’s actually not that bad, I guess…


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