December – a month for love


During November, I found many people blogging about people/items/gifts/blessings that they were thankful for, some on a daily basis even. It made me think about what would be an appropriate theme for December and the choice seemed obvious: love.

At no other time of the year do we think more about brotherly love or charity than during the Christmas season. I hear on various radio stations promotions to help children in need/families in need or to donate food or contribute volunteer hours. The hard edge that some seem to have laced around their hearts softens a bit and music and laughter abound. There is a profoundly magical aspect to December and is the reason why it is my first posting of things I love:

Love #1: December – for all it’s cheer and merriment, the fluffy soft snow, lights twinkling all around, cinnamon pinecones, pinion pine trees, rosy cheeks, chapstick lips, bright packages in all shapes and sizes, the widening eyes of kids staring in a store window, laughter and joy (I could go on forever)


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