And dessert was plentiful

dsc01948.jpgToday we gathered around the family table to enjoy a fantastic Thanksgiving feast. I need to echo my Dad’s sentiment that it’s so nice to have everybody around for this holiday. It won’t always be so as people grow and move out of state for job opportunities. But for right now, we can all enjoy the fact that we’re together and that we enjoy each other’s company so much.Dinner kicked off somewhere around 3 p.m. with a monstrous turkey and cranberry/pomegranate sauce (made by my Mommy). From her famous orange rolls to my spinach salad to Natalie’s yams to Hilary’s broccoli salad to Katie’s appetizers (and a lot more more mixed in), we stuffed ourselves silly. There’s nothing better than stuffing, mashed potatoes, and turkey.

Part of our Thanksgiving tradition is going around the table and saying something you are thankful for but it has to follow the theme suggested by Mom. This year was name one person you were thankful for and it was a touching moment, to say the least, for several of us. The lighthearted moment of thankfulness came from Katie when Dave started to say, “For 27 years I could say that my mother always held that top spot of someone I was thankful for, but this year -” at which point Katie joked, “Oh please, oh please, I’m holding out that it’s me!” and offered a moment of laughter.  Dave was grateful for both Katie and Samantha (for very obvious reasons).

While it was too bad that Natalie had to leave by 6:30 to go work at the hospital, it was nice that we got to spend so much time in each other’s company. Like my Dad said at dinner, I am so glad that we’re all close and that we’re not just brothers and sisters but best friends. Here’s hoping you had a day full of thankfulness like me.

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