Turn back the tide

You know how there are times in life you feel like you want to push the re-do button? Just go back and do it again either because you wanted to change the outcome or re-live a wonderful experience. I was thinking about a few things the past couple of days (issues that clouded my mind which precluded me from posting) and I came up with a few great experiences that I would love to do or experience again:

  • First time I scored a goal in soccer (I still remember it as “and the crowd went wild!”)
  • Walking down the Champs-Elysees for the first time and seeing the Eiffel Tower
  • Getting that first six-pack slam in volleyball (ah, nothing sweeter, right April?)
  • Being notified that I had won a scholarship to study abroad in the Middle East (out of 100 Utah students who had applied, I was 1 of 4 who was awarded the chance to go to Egypt, Oman, and Jordan; also, sadly, one of my saddest experiences as the funding for the scholarship was government based and they cut it that year – I received a “nice” form letter from Pres. Clinton that I wouldn’t be going)
  • Participating in my first 5K (I had no idea how fun it could be – or that I should train…sore legs for a few days after…)
  • Caden – from 3 months old to 1 year old: such a funny, happy kid (after he got over his colic) and as he gets older I feel my memory start to fade about some things (of course, I was finishing my BFA at the time and working a full time job, too)
  • Caden experiencing Disneyland for the first time – seeing his eyes widen as we met Pluto right off the bat

And there are tons more I would put in here as well. But lately I’ve been needing to think back on happy times just to relieve some of the pressures that come from working in the “real” world. If you find yourself stymied for something to smile about, remember a great experience…or just enjoy the cartoon below.



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