Feliz Cumpleanos, Natalia

Si, it is mi hermana’s birthday today and I’m sure at about this time mi madre and mi padre are taking her out for a special birthday lunch. It’s something we all look forward to on our birthdays, the chance to go out for almuerzo at a place of our choosing.To celebrate Natalie’s 26 birthday (ai yi yi – veinte seises!), I thought you could all enjoy a few glimpses into mi hermana’s life:

  • When she was a baby, she had the biggest cabeza and mi madre got tired of people commenting on it so her retort just became, “It’s because she’s so smart – she’s got a big brain” (and it was true)
  • Her favorite song to sing as a pequena muchacha was “Tomorrow” from Annie – it was her signature stint
  • Neighbors all around us recognized Natalie’s unique personality and her extreme outgoing style, such that when the T.V. show “Punky Brewster” started, they all asked “Is that a show about Natalie?”
  • Even through her snaggle-tooth phase (and way beyond that), she always had the utmost self confidence you could ever hope for in a little girl; I wish I could have had the kind of confidence she had throughout those fun formative years of junior high/high school
  • She’s one of those people that everything comes easy for her but you couldn’t help but love her more for it (her friends adored her)
  • She was a Student Body Officer in high school
  • She has a beautiful singing voice and participated in Madrigals in high school for two years
  • She loves chocolate mint brownies
  • She has kissed more guys in her life than I have! Well, maybe not anymore…
  • She named her first daughter Annie because she loved the musical Annie so much as a child (just kidding! but don’t think the irony of this was lost on us)
  • She’s extremely crafty and is one of the biggest scrapbookers I’ve ever met (she’s even got me into buying all the little gadgets and paper and who-se-whatzits)
  • She’s loved and adored by her family and friends – most especially her husband Ryan and her two kiddies, Annie and Logan

Happy Birthday, Nats!


One comment

  1. Natalie · January 12, 2008

    Wow–I look pretty good blogged! Thanks for the shout-out and your kind words. Love ya!

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