When do we grow up?


I’m convinced that there are quite a few people in the world that never grow up. They want to be in the space of “That’s mine!” or “You can’t make me!” forever, instead of acquiescing to adult mannerisms and societal rules. I tend to believe that there are many of us who wish to be Go-Between, you know, that mindset of “I’m an adult, I have certain responsibilities/privileges/burdens, but I can’t believe at times that I’m older than nineteen.” Or whatever age you may find your mind reverting to at times. For me, I often wonder how I ever surpassed 22, it seemed like the perfect age for some odd reason. Now I find myself just past the threshold of 30 and I think, “Wait, didn’t I just leave high school a few years ago?”

It’s a strange conundrum, the knowledge that I’ve experienced so much over the past 13 years since leaving high school and yet at the same time still feeling like it hasn’t been that long. I have many friends who feel the same way. We look at our lives, some of my friends have 5 kids, and we laugh and say, “Is this really us? Did we really just grow up? I don’t feel like an adult…all the time.” Yet here we are.

Part of the fun of growing up is seeing where people go, how they develop and break out of the hysterical high school stereotypes that seemed to define them so well for the shortest amount of time in their lives (a measly three years). I love to see what career paths some have chosen, or not chosen. Some are still as predictable as ever and yet others surprise and amaze me. I’m just wondering if we had any nerdy guys become millionaires yet…

I don’t know how to officially define “grown up”, whether it’s a particular age you reach, or a state of mind. But as long as part of me still sees potential and opportunity to develop and grasp at the dreams I have yet to make reality, I guess I’m still just a kid.


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