Big D’s birthday

Happy Birthday, Dave! Here’s to your 28 years of wit that you like to share with us routinely – and for which we put up with you. Ha ha! Just kidding, bro-in-law, just kidding. It wouldn’t be a Sabbath meal at my parents house without some good old Dave-esque humor thrown into the mix. Yesterday we got to celebrate his big day and I gave him the shirt shown to the left. It’s a perfect descriptor of his wacky sense of humor and I think he liked it. I expect to see it worn frequently, until the black becomes faded and the screenprinted words are merely a memory.Besides Big D’s celebration, we were also kind of “celebrating” (not exactly the right word) my dad being called as the new bishop in the ward. Needless to say, his appointment pleased a lot of people and everyone was smiling and coming up to us kids at church and saying, “We just love your dad! He is so funny and we can’t wait to hear what he’ll say next!” I’m pretty sure, however, that my mom gave him the directive to tone down his witty remarks now that he will forever more be known as Bishop. I do know this: my old home ward is extremely lucky and blessed to have a man of his caliber as bishop for the next 5 years. He’s an extremely thoughtful, compassionate, generous, and spiritual man and the ward is going to relish these attributes to be sure.

Even more happened yesterday, besides Dave and my dad, for we got to meet Amy’s new friend, Mark. She brought him up to dinner to test him (the well-known “Family Test”) out on family and if he can sit through a Sunday meal with us, as loud and talkative and utterly overrun with commotion as we can be at times.  So don’t worry, Leslie and Scott – we were checking him out for you and I have to say he was a nice guy. So friendly and he stood up to the standard family interrogation as well (“What are your goals in life?” “Do you have any homicidal tendencies?” “Do you eat Twinkies?” – you know, typical stuff).




  1. Alan · January 12, 2008

    “Amy’s new friend Mark”…Angie, again I have you to thank for allowing me to keep up, at least belatedly (I think that is oxymoronic… maybe just simply moronic) with what is going on in the family.

    I enjoy your blogs.

  2. angelbrew · January 12, 2008

    I’m so glad I can keep you up to date (as much as I know, anyway) on family life – and that hopefully you can find a little humor in my random thoughts. And it’s nice to get comments from you once in awhile just so I know somebody’s perusing – and actually reading – my trivial stuff! 🙂

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