Scrap the fortune, give me the cookie


That is not some stock photo that I swiped somewhere to add to a story I’m about to expound upon. Nope, it was an actual “fortune” inside a cookie I got after a particularly crazy date with a guy I used to like. Let’s face it, that’s not a fortune – it’s a statement of fact.

I posted this fortune not because I am going to go off on a rant about men a.k.a. boys who frustrate me to no end with their silliness and non-committal attitudes. I posted it rather because sometimes in life your feelings get validated in very strange ways.  A tiny fortune inside a crispy cookie doesn’t mean much in the long scheme of things. It is after all a strip of paper randomly placed and packaged and sent around the country (or world). But sometimes the universe aligns and words you need to hear or images you need to see are found in the most strange places.

Millions of people have read The Secret, a book that is based on the premise that we are all interconnected by our thoughts (well, that’s summing it up quite broadly, but you get the gist). Too many times I’ve thought of something or someone, heard a song in my head, wondered about a book or an author or an artist, and I’ll happen upon information that supports what I’ve been considering, what’s been filling up my brain. There is great power in thinking positively, envisioning what you want and believing you can have it. But sometimes the universe will just tell you that men will be boys. And I can smile and agree with that anyday.

My random thought for the day…


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