Bath bliss for love amiss


Sometimes there is nothing better than a being able to relax in an oversize bath and let the mounting bubbles obscure your view from trouble.  I love my tub with the swirling jets that encourage my Lush bath bombs and bath melts into heavenly bits of bliss. If you have never tried any of these products you are missing out on bathing nirvana. A personal favorite of mine is Amandopondo because the bubbles that amass out of that lovely piece of work are the most luxurious, the most sensuous and most skin-tantalizing bubbles you could ever want!

But I am not intending this post to be all about the products and why you should buy them (unless some Lush rep is reading this and wants to send me free products for touting their wares). Instead, I happened to be sent into a different avenue of reflection that started when I used my Romance in a Stone (sadly, now discontinued) bath bomb. It’s a lovely ball with dried rose petals in it and also one nice little surprise – a little quote/poem/saying that is romantic in nature. It is buried deep within the ball so that you can only access it once your entire bomb has dissipated into your bath water. I forgot about this little treasure as I was enjoying my bath and at first when I noticed this floating piece of parchment, I was ready to toss it out for the garbage that it appeared to be. But I remembered about the bath bomb’s “secret” and eagerly opened it up to see if it might be something that could inspire.

She thought how his armour would blaze in the sun,  As he rode like a prince to claim his bride. In the sweet dim light of the falling night She found him at her side. She had dreamed how the gaze of his strange bold eye Would wake her heart to a sudden glow.  She found in his face the familiar grace Of a friend she used to know. She had dreamed how his coming would stir her soul,  As the ocean is stirred by the wild storm’s strife.  He brought her the balm of a heavenly calm,  And a peace which crowned her life.  Ella Wheeler Wilcox – ‘Love’s Coming’

If ever there were words I needed to hear and find some comfort – or hope – in, here they were. I LOVE this brief sonnet and the description of two lovers found. Perhaps its because as girls, we envision that ‘knight in shining armor’ and sometimes we can get too lost in the search. Instead, the “familiar grace of a friend” may be just what we need to find that “balm of a heavenly calm”.  



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