Cowboy and the Space Cat

I think I must have been suffering from my own sugar rush yesterday as I couldn’t get to bed last night until almost 1:30 in the morning. Actually, it was do to some work I had to finish for a business partner and since I had no time to do it during the day, I had to burn the midnight oil a bit.

Yesterday was quite the fun Halloween for Caden (and for me). I headed to his school for the annual Halloween Parade that kicks off the fun and festivities that don’t seem to stop from there on out. My friend Aubrey and I watched all the kids, from kindergartners to the cool 6th graders, parade on past in a variety of costumes. Caden was a cowboy and was one of only three cowboys in the entire 340+ contingent of kids. The most popular costume of choice? For both girls and boys? See below for the answer.

After the parade had the kids back at their classrooms, myself along with the three other room mothers set to work getting ready for the class party. Some teachers were waiting until the end of the day to have their party and I just kept thinking they were going to have a mutiny on their hands making the kids wait that long. At our party, I was in charge the of the crafty treat: half an apple that we decorated with gummy worms and shoestring licorice for hair, candy corn punched in for teeth and noses, and strawberry glaze if they wanted to make a “bloody” face. There are two severely allergic kids in Caden’s class so we have to be careful about not bringing too many items they can’t have – one is allergic to nuts and the other is allergic to milk. So apples were pretty safe and much healthier than the standard frosted sugar cookie. Besides my station, the kids could go listen to a spooky story, make a witches popcorn hand, play musical chairs, or play the mummy wrap game with toilet paper.

I checked Caden out early from school to take him to my office where they were having a big party for families. Trick-or-treating at desks, a cookie bar, games, and a chili contest enlivened the mood and continued to spur on Caden’s sugar high. From there, we headed back home where a party at our clubhouse was starting with what else? A cookie bar and homemade chili. Good thing I love chili.

After taking Caden around our neighborhood, we headed to my parents house where Miss Ella was dressed up as a lovely hula dancer, Samantha was a skunk, Annie was Ariel, and Logan a.k.a. Mr. Tiny was Popeye. Natalie always has a theme with her kids and she makes all the costumes! She’s so talented and she made a fetching Olive Oyl. Ryan was Sebastian to go along with Annie’s Ariel.

Me? I was a Space Cat (so what if I made it up?). As for the most popular costume at Caden’s school? Give ya one guess, matey – it be a pirate. Aaaarrggghhh!


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