Why UEA isn’t a break

Mainly because I put too much on my plate, that’s why UEA is not the break I was anticipating. From Friday to Tuesday, I thought it would be nice to take time off to spend with Caden, relax, chill out, not worry about trying to go here or there. Ha!

Friday: I already posted below what I did Friday – Gardner Village, pumpkin patch, my usual Date Night with Caden

Saturday: Went to the Great Salt Lake Book Festival downtown at the library, straight from there to a soccer tournament for 3 hours, straight back home for a Primary activity for 2.5 hours

Monday: Frightmares until 5 p.m., then dinner at Hires, then movie with Mamo & Mattie at Sugarhouse (No Reservations – tres cute)

Tuesday morning: Activity Days at my house in the morning – might as well take advantage while the kids are out of school

Tuesday afternoon: hmmm….maybe finally relax? Who knows, but as I think that I am looking around my house at little projects I need to finish. So much for days off!


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