Do you ever have moments when you look in the mirror and you can’t recognize the person who is staring back? You recognize certain features – hmmm, the eyes are the right color, the mouth shape is sort of all right – but yet a stranger’s face looms back at you. This is how I’ve felt for the past couple of weeks. But I admit it’s been a strange, confusing, and somewhat discouraging time. From relationships unevolved to work environment pressures and woes, to also not feeling motivated (or inspired) to get outside and move my feet in a quick run; all of these factors played a part in the partial downturn of my psyche for a bit. Then I signed up for the Tokyo Marathon.

Suddenly my motivation was back, I was renewed with vigor and I left early Saturday morning to hit the road for a quick run – or so I thought. Even in the somewhat frigid air (it was in the low 40’s), I found myself never once getting tired, never once thinking I should head back or that I’d gone far enough. Instead, I plowed on until I realized that I had just spent nearly 90 minutes out on the open road. And let me just say that that 90 minutes was the highlight of the past 14 days. It was like an icepick shattered through this mild depression and enlivened my somewhat downtrodden spirit. Everything was possible, everything was new, and nothing could stand in my way of accomplishing my goals.

Yesterday I looked in the mirror before I left for church and I smiled. I recognized myself again.

This is why I run.




  1. April · October 30, 2007

    You inspire me. I want to get running again, but can’t find the motivation right now. But it is so true about the high running gives you. I never thought that I would crave a good run! But I don’t know how in the heck you run when it is soooo cold outside. BRrr. What races are you doing after Tokyo?

  2. angelbrew · October 31, 2007

    Well, maybe it was just my mental mindset that put me at ease in the cold on Saturday. Who knows? 🙂 But I understand on trying to find the motivation, believe me! I don’t know what races I plan on doing yet after Tokyo but you can bet I’m going to fill my plate up. I’m thinking maybe Ogden? Or you know what we should do? The Mud Race in California!

  3. April · November 6, 2007

    Mud race?! Sounds interesting! The moab half registration starts Nov. 15. The race is in March. Then the SLC Marathon is in April and the Ogden in May-Thats what I’m thinking…

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