Pumpkins and the loose tooth


A favorite autumn activity that heralds the coming of Halloween (and the start of the holiday season) is visiting our local pumpkin patch, Pack Farm, and picking out a few good gourds with which to adorn our doorstep. I love carving pumpkins – or painting them. In fact, yesterday Caden’s 2nd grade class had Pumpkin Day and I came to teach the kids how to paint silly faces on their mini pumpkins. I have to say that the kids came up with very creative ideas and I wish I would have had my camera with me.

Back to Pack Farms, after coming back from an early afternoon out with my sisters, I decided we should head out way west in Farmington to pick up a few good pumpkins. Early evening right now is such a beautiful time and visiting a pumpkin patch just adds to the crisp, fall mood. We found a few good ones (according to Caden) and headed back home with our loot.

About an hour later, Caden came up to me and said, “I think my tooth is finally ready to come out!” It has been loose for almost two weeks and he has refused to let me “help” him get it out – until today. So I jumped on the chance to grab it and yank the snaggleness right out of his mouth.

We tied a string around it and I let him try a few times to pull it out. Problem was his pulling was more like gentle tugging – he was trying to softly coax his tooth out and I knew that wasn’t going to work.

“Let me try it, just once,” I pleaded. He kept shaking his head until the string slipped off so I had to help him tie it again. “Okay, let me just pull it once – just one time, okay?” He reluctantly nodded and before he could think twice about it, I yanked down hard and Pop! Out came his bloody little tooth. Needless to say that after that I had to set him over the sink for awhile and not look because lots of blood like that makes me quite faint (yeeuck!). But now he has a beautiful gaping hole in his mouth that makes me smile.

I get his little tooth holder and put the tooth inside and start to take it upstairs when Caden says, “Don’t put it under my pillow tonight!!” Okay…what?!? What kid isn’t all jazzed about putting a tooth under their pillow so that they can get a bit of dinero from the Tooth Fairy? “Don’t put it under my pillow because I need to take it to school to show my teacher. She’ll give me a little plastic tooth that I get to sign and she puts it on a poster in my class. Plus, she’ll give me a necklace that I can put my tooth in!”

Oh joy. So for now, this little tooth will have to wait to be hidden under a pillow. And it’s going to be a few days because Caden is out of school until Halloween. But knowing the Tooth Fairy like I do, I’m sure she doesn’t mind waiting the extra days to put a bit o’ cash under his sleepy little head. 🙂


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