A bewitching time

As the UEA weekend is upon us, I took the liberty of taking a couple days off of work, starting today, and decided that it was a good day for some sister time. So I called up Natalie and Katie and said, “Hey, what could be more fun than visiting a witch village at Halloween?” “Are we going to Costco?” asks Natalie. No,  just kidding. She didn’t really ask that but go there on a crowded Saturday and you’ll see what I’m inferring to.Nay, our good times were to be had at Gardner Village which is awash in all things green and warty. They really do a fabulous job of decorating this historic home shopping square and it’s a good place to take kids and do a little shopping. Katie, Sammy, Natalie, Annie, Logan, Caden, and I spent a few hours there basking in the Halloween sales and chomping down on yummy fudge. I have to say that Annie wasn’t quite sure what to make of all the witches around the grounds. The first time we told her to go stand next to one, she stared at it wide-eyed and said, “Annie no stand there, Annie no STAND THERE!!!” And she cowered next to Natalie. But by the end of the day, she had warmed up a bit and at least would get somewhat close to them.

Below are just a few pics from our mid-morning/early afternoon out and as you can see, most of them are of the kids. Once you have kids, you as a parent just disappear from the frame, except from time to time when you can cajole some passerby into snapping a quick pic.

harvest-018.jpg harvest-025.jpg



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