Turning Japanese


I really think so. Today I went out and completed my registration for the 2008 Tokyo Marathon. Yes I did. Out of over a 100,000 lottery registrants, my name got picked as one of the few (oh, just 25,000 or so) lucky ones to actually participate if I complete the registration process – meaning, give us your money now. So come February 12 or somewhere near that time, I am headed to Tokyo!

Am I a little freaked out? Ummm, yeah. But the more I thought about being able to participate and the having this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I just couldn’t back down. I couldn’t think of not doing it anymore so I made an executive life decision and agreed to travel thousands of miles to a country I’ve never been to, to run 26.2 miles past Shaolin temples, Japanese gardens, and a city filled with more people I could ever imagine, just to have this experience.

I hate looking back on missed chances, missed opportunities where if I had just taken a risk I could have experienced something wonderful. The one thing I’ve become better at as I’ve “grown up” is being more decisive. If you are going to do something, do it. Commit to it wholeheartedly and don’t back down. There are times that the decision you make might not always pan out but it’s better than never having decided anything at all. Plus, this will keep me motivated to run during one of the least motivating months of the year – January. And I will finally be back in my groove (I hope) for doing marathons. Last year I did three (which admittedly was quite unexpected) and this year I only did two half marathons. Of course, my inability to participate in some races was due to the fact that I did tear my MCL.

So “Konnichiwa”, Japan. I’m sure I’ll be asking over and over “Anata wa eigo o hanashimasu ka?”



One comment

  1. April · October 26, 2007

    I am sooo jealous! Man, I need to get back into things. So what other races are you planning on and we can get everyone together and run. I was thinking the Moab half would be fun or the Ogden Marathon.

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