Does anybody else think Fat Camp?

track-suit.jpgOkay, I have to finally get this off of my chest because it has bugged me for too long and I just saw several individuals outside committing the crime. What is the deal with the velour track suits? Since when did ’70’s lounge fashion become such a hot commodity that every single young married woman or teeny bopper wears these on a regular basis as “clothes”?I should mention that I have some very good friends who love these items, they live for their Juicy Couture plush products or Victoria Secret swishy sets because somehow we’ve got it engrained in our heads that this is cute, it’s fashionable, tres trendy and oh so comfortable (and I’m not going to deny the comfortability factor – that much is obvious). To be frank, everyone in a velour track suit reminds me of overweight kids forced to go to Fat Camp and work off those Ding Dongs. No offense, but you could be the stick-thinniest girl in the entire world and I’ll still think, “Ope, look at her! She’s got to be doing her pushups and situps. Get to work! Pick those knees up!” And the theme song from my P.E. elementary school days starts to play in my head:

Touch down
Every morning
Ten times!
Not just
Now and then.
Give that chicken fat
Back to the chicken,
And don’t be chicken again.
No, don’t be chicken again.

Push up
Every morning
Ten times.
Push up
Starting low.
Once more on the rise.
Nuts to the flabby guys!
Go, you chicken fat, go away!
Go, you chicken fat, go!

Ah, yes, the sweet refrain of “Go, you chicken fat, go!” as sung by Robert Preston (you know, the guy from The Music Man). No joke – that is what is playing through my mind as I see young moms in velour pushing their babies in strollers. Not to mention most people seem unaware of the fact that the top part tends to be cut a little high and the pants a little low…which many forget to cover that ‘middle section’ with a Shade shirt or the like.

Women – be beautiful. Consider that you deserve to be dressed in clothing other than those  generally adorned with an afro in the ’70’s. I can see you would like to lounge around at home in them as they are so akin to pj’s.  But it looks like I am in the minority so don’t feel any pressure to listen to me. 🙂 Just don’t get me started on Crocs either…

For those of you who have never heard the “Chicken Fat” song, or those wishing to go down memory lane, go here to enjoy the song and get your daily exercise.


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  1. Alan · January 12, 2008

    So I was sitting here in my velour sweatsuit with my crocs on eating a bag of Miss Vickie’s lime chips and I was catching up on what’s going on with my family. I do this catching up by using my quiet (see also lazy, unmotivated, slackard, laggard) Friday afternoon to look through my nieces’ and nephews’ blogs. I find insights into their lives and very psyche that I would otherwise be oblivious to.

    I did not know, for instance, that Andrew was back in Iraq until last Friday (see description above… perhaps there is a pattern) when I was looking at his blog. Matt keeps me updated from time to time and makes me wish I were a young man again and under his stewardship. I remember great leaders but I would like to have done some of the trips that I see on his blog.

    Joel’s blog is good for a laugh. I simply didn’t know he was so photographically gifted. And that brings my to your blog… actually both of them. I find them fascinating and am amazed at how interested and fun I find it to consider, for just a few moments, pink velour, crocs and chips. I just had never thought that I would find reading about such things and entertaining as I just found it to be.

    Keep up the good work.



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