Lost chips

When I was pregnant, I developed a severe case of “lime disease”; I basically couldn’t get enough of limes to save my life. I had lime juice to drink, lime salad dressing, and would use limes to flavor just about anything. That being said, limes or the flavor of lime is something I still find myself craving on a regular basis.

Down in California and Arizona, you can buy lime flavored peanuts (I think they are a Mexican brand because all the information was in Spanish – I can’t even remember the name of them, maybe “Los Addictos”?) so when I am in AZ for work or CA for vacation, I head to the nearest convenience store to snap them up.

Closer to home I’ve found comfort in Miss Vickie’s Lime and Black Pepper potato chips. I would often go to Quiznos and get a Roman Chicken Salad for lunch and a bag of Miss Vickie’s. Today I went there as I had my lime craving and guess what? They don’t carry that particular flavor anymore! And no more Roman Chicken Salad either, but that’s neither here nor there.

“We have Mesquite BBQ, Jalapeno, and Salt & Vinegar chips,” says the Quiznos girl behind the register.

“No, that doesn’t help me. And do people actually buy the jalepeno chips? Are you going to get more in or have you just decided to stop selling the lime chips?”

“Umm, I don’t know…but I think we’re just selling these now.” Grumble…Chip Dictators, allowing me choices I don’t want. Does anybody know where they sell these chips in Utah? I just need a little lime fix, that’s all…



  1. Matt · January 12, 2008

    This is the closest thing I could find.

    [audio src="http://new.wavlist.com/movies/270/maam-followme.wav" /]

  2. angelbrew · January 12, 2008

    I always wondered who Vickie was! Now I know…and I’m a little scared of these chips. 🙂 Thanks for the comic relief, cous.

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