Halloween is now fun

When I was younger, Halloween used to creep me out. I hated the fact that people would get dressed up in scary costumes with fake blood and pretend to be psycho for a day. It really bothered me and I admit that it was one of my least favorite holidays. Perhaps it all stems from the fact that I deplore scary movies. Ask anybody in my family and they will tell you I’m the biggest wimp when it comes to the so-called “horror” flick. And Halloween, when I was younger, equated to a bad horror movie that lasted all month long.

However, times have changed – or I have. I really enjoy Halloween now and I get a kick out of seeing people go out of their way to dress ridiculously or watch kids get excited talking about what they are going to be – “A pirate!” “A pretty princess!” “A burnt marshmallow!”

I also enjoy decorating my house in Halloween style. Maybe because retailers just keep producing better items year after year…who knows? But finding fun decor has become a new fall pasttime. Speaking of which, or witch (haha), I found these adorable terracotta candleholders at Uncommon Goods. I love the devil because for some strange reason, he reminds me of Vincent Price. I think it’s his Errol Flynn mustache…



One comment

  1. Amanda K · October 20, 2007

    We don’t ‘have’ halloween here. It’s kind of unfortunate, since it looks like SOOO much fun! And any excuse to dress up (or dress the kids up!) is a good one 🙂

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