His accent makes me swoon

I have always wanted to go to the British Isles, to visit a variety of countries from Wales to Ireland to Scotland. When I was in junior high, I had a dream that I married a guy from Ireland. I remember vividly from my dream that I could just sit and listen to him talk all day long. And that his eyes were insanely blue with ridiculously long eyelashes. Strange what details you remember from a dream…

The lilting cadence of the Irish tongue can still rile me up, I must say. I work with a lot of people from Ireland and I find that when I’ve been on the phone with them for a little bit, I start to emulate some of their speech patterns. I can’t help it! I find their accent so charming, like everything they say is verbal poetry in sound.

I may have mentioned once or twice somewhere along the way that I enjoy British comedies/dramas. My family are huge fans of the British hit ‘Allo, ‘Allo (think WWII in Paris, crazy Gestapo henchmen making fools of themselves, and an overweight French cafe owner that all the ladies love…for some odd reason) and I also have another favorite that I watch purely because I have a crush on the star. I rarely find myself crushing on celebrities of any type – really sort of out of character for me. But once in awhile there are a few that hold my interest, enough that if I were to meet them I may just blush incessantly.

Monarch of the Glen is one of my favorite Sunday night shows on PBS. It’s a BBC drama that takes place in the Scottish Highlands and the lead actor is so adorable, so deliciously handsome it’s become must-watch TV (except for the fact that he’s left the show so now I don’t watch it…unless it’s a rerun of when he was on…yowser!). Alastair Mackenzie is the hottie that makes me blush and he has all the typical qualities that I like in men – tall, dark, and handsomely accented with his Scottish heritage. Sigh…seriously, I love the way he talks! And his brooding eyes certainly help his cause in the “I-could-watch-him-all-day” category.


One of the other main reasons why I like him is that he is in an unusual show, not a soap, not a sitcom, but a drama all about the quirks of dealing with life as a laird. I don’t know many other shows that can make that claim to fame…but check it out if you can. Alastair was only in Seasons 1-5 and the guy that sort of replaced him (different character but obviously meant to stir the allure with women), although Scottishly cute himself, is just not the same. I still like my Archie best. 🙂


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