Oregon is where I be


I’ve been up in Oregon since Monday for work and I have to say it’s one of my favorite places to be off on a business trip. I LOVE Portland and I enjoy so much the opportunity to explore the city. And the following are the reasons why:

  • Lush – without a doubt it is my favorite bath and body store. Everything in it is organic, freshly made and smells so good I could easily plop down $500 to satisfy my Lush cravings. My favorite is Amandopondo, a fantastic bath melt that gives the most luxurious bubbles ever. I just wish they had this store where I live…
  • Powells Books – literally a city block that is a big bookstore. Everytime I go in I want to buy 10 books or more and always see something new I want to read. The latest read I am now on the hunt for? Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant
  • Papa Haydn – an absolutely decadent place to eat. The dessert menu alone is something to pass out over. They make desserts that make chocolate an art form and I have to go there at least once, even if it’s for dessert only (but that’s always the best part of a meal anyway). Just Monday night I went and ordered a piece of Calsatta, this beautiful 6 or 7 or 8 layer cake that comes with a sumptuous raspberry sauce. Last time I was up in Portland in May, I went with a colleague to have dinner there and we had one of the most succulent steaks ever. If you are ever in Portland, you MUST go there!
  • NW 23rd Ave – Sigh…such a beautiful street filled with two of my favorite places listed above (Haydn’s and Lush). It has unique boutique shops, tree lined cracked sidewalks, and extremely alluring foreign automobiles lining the streets. One of the best places to walk around and enjoy a crisp autumn afternoon.

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