All kinds of handsome

*brought over from my “other blog”

All I have to say is this picture is one of the reasons why I have always thought that Paul Newman was one of the most handsome and ruggedly sexy men ever. Something about this picture just makes my heart all a flutter. I found it off of The Sartorialist’s blog (it’s a fashion blog I frequent every now and then). He states that it is one of the “most shockingly perfect covers ever” and I quite agree. So for all the ladies out there, I am posting this dashing pic to make you smile and sigh.

I just remembered a little story about Paul Newman that I should definitely share, considering as how I just stated how beautiful he is. Mr. N is quite famous for his charitable good deeds and amazing line of organic products. My family enjoys his balsamic vinaigrette dressing at our Sunday dinners from time to time. One Sunday, it was missing from our table and my darling sister Katie asked, “Where’s that really good dressing? You know, the Old Man Swanson or whatever it’s called.” Old Man Swanson…I’m sure Paul Newman would enjoy hearing he has a new title that demotes his status of gorgeous human being to “some guy on a bottle”. It was quite funny and still to this day, we refer to Newmans Own as Old Man Swanson.


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