Filling in space

I have been in my home for almost two years and I still feel like I am way behind in decorating. I’ve done some painting (check), hung several pictures (check), but I am lacking cohesive furnishings which I need to fill my desperate desire for that “homey” feel. I’ve spent countless minutes (possibly hours) devouring Pottery Barn, IKEA, and Bombay Company catalogs. I make up lists of the items I would like to have and then throw my hands up in exasperation when I look at the grand total.

“Sheesh! I need to start dating that rich 60 year old again!” I think to myself. No! Surely, I jest. It would take a lot more – I’m talking A LOT more – to make me ever consider dating Corvette man again. I’m thinking something like a face transplant with this other guy I like, a body transplant with The Rock, and I’d have to age him backwards about 25 years or so…but I digress. I was talking about furniture.

Anyway, for those of us in Utah, we can somewhat satisfy our PB cravings with our local outlet distributor Downeast Home. They often have seconds or partially damaged merchandise from well known stores. But it can be hit and miss with them – and still sometimes their prices make my eyebrows raise just a hair.

I search online a bit to get ideas from different stores to again daydream about what I would like to have if I 1) had more space and 2) had more disposable income. So purely for kicks, below are some items that are kind of fun, funky, and downright desirable.


Okay, this is sort of futuristic which isn’t really my style. But this chair from Finland makes me smile. Partly because it reminds me of Men in Black (remember the test he takes?) and partly for it’s dorky Mork and Mindy inferences. But it’s one of those items I would have in a rec room if I had an extra $6,000 to spare…for a rec room piece. You can buy it if you really like it at myownspace.


I LOVE this idea! Using shutters to create a bookshelf – makes it something of a conversation piece and livens up a boring bookcase. This is one of those items where I think, ‘Hmm, I could make that; I don’t need to buy it!’ And then I never make it. But I’m always so sure I could…Visit Maison Reve for a closer look.


Okay, how much do I adore this sofa? Let me count the ways…First off, it’s called a Fainting Sofa and all I can imagine is coming home from a stressful day at work and literally “fainting” on to my velvety soft sofa. Second, it’s apple green – sweet! Third, it’s at one of my favorite stores, Urban Outfitters. That store is a place where design is hip, fresh, and a little off-the-wall. It’s a cross between modern and vintage. Sounds paradoxical, I know, but it seriously is one of most interesting sites to browse through and if you have never checked them out, take a look-sy.



  1. Furniture Store · October 6, 2007

    nice really cool . i saw similar to this before but not like these . these are really good !

  2. Carl Tim · January 21, 2008

    Am Mr.Tim Carl from carlington ltd.And i will like to place an order regarding some sofa from your company to Ghana.I will really appreciate you email me back with those that you carry instock and their price ranges,also your terms of payment as well.I will like to be one of your honest customer’s and hope you answer to my request ASAP.Thank you very much and waiting for your prompt responds.God Bless You.

    Best Regards

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